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TAAN  Analgesics Tennis accessories

TAAN  Analgesics Tennis accessories

Specifications: Tank * 1

1, Q & A FAQ


Various dealers, consumers are most concerned about, such as:


I would like to ask where can I buy Taeon products?

Hello, we have physical resellers all over the country. You can check with our regional managers to find out about local stores. At the same time, you can also search the Internet Taeon products to the official website of Taian, Jingdong, Lynx, Taobao and other regular stores to buy.


Why do you have a smell?

The purchase of goods shipped after the store are sealed, and some of the existence of the smell is inevitable, the smell is generally from the goods and materials such as glue emitted, the smell of the human body is not harmful, please rest assured to buy.


How do I know if my goods are out of stock?

The goods page shows the stock as the actual inventory, as the following order due to special circumstances (system problems, orders surge, etc.) lead to out of stock, customer service will be the first time to contact you for a refund.


Whether your goods are genuine, how to test?

We are the official website of Tai'an, Tai'an is the direct shop, all the goods are genuine, please rest assured to buy.


How much can I pack?

Due to the different color areas will result in differences in freight, photographed after the goods to the actual display of the amount of shipping subject, the relevant regional shipping inquiries, please check in the distribution charges, we will launch from time to time free post activities, please keep an eye on the shop home page announcement.


After the order of the general warehouse when the general delivery, the weekend can be normal delivery?

We will be in the payment within 72 hours after the successful delivery for you, a case, the day before 15:00 payment orders can be shipped the same day, 15:00 payment orders shipped the next day if the arrival of holidays or Special circumstances delivery time will be delayed, then please shop page announcement shall prevail, because the shipping information and logistics company data update is not synchronized, usually in the evening 21 or so show the waybill number.


What courier delivery can be used to specify courier?

OUR used to express what courier delivery, you can specify the courier? : Shen Tong, the pass, Huitong, tact, rhyme and EMS, currently does not accept the designated express delivery, we will automatically assign the fastest delivery courier delivery.


2, on the return


Return process:

Due to product quality problems, size is not qualified or dissatisfied, please contact customer service and return the goods, to be confirmed after the receipt of the warehouse receipt, return or return the goods, buyers receipt or refund to the end of the process.


* If the quality of goods due to return policy, we will bear your return shipping of goods; non-quality return policy, return shipping costs borne by the goods themselves. We support 7 days no reason to return, please ensure that the goods to be returned in line with consumer protection service rules.

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