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Now how many brands still revel in the hundreds of pages of PPT, in order to highlight the importance in the minds of consumers, always have unrealistic fantasy, hope that positive interaction with consumers through the success of the encounter reached to establish strong ties, but the result is not satisfactory.

According to Wang Yu industry professional "report consumer behavior network world" published in the journal pointed out that consumers shopping just second thing, both online and offline, but the cruel fact is that the majority of consumers, not only do not care, and will not build brand interaction, they just simply to buy, buy, buy. Online consumers decide to buy a product, the average time is 13 seconds, online shopping maybe the situation is slightly better, consumers spend an average of 19 seconds online purchase decision; among them, a small number of people is 10 seconds to become "seckill expert".

This is not exaggeration, the simple fact is that for the whole category of network feather equipment, consumers have an acceptable brand list, they do not need to spend more time to complete the purchase decision, there are many more interesting things in the life of network feather enthusiasts, about playing ball, ball, entertainment, dinner, they is simple, no time and energy and play "brand". Of course, do not rule out a few exceptions, then what makes consumption so simple and quick? TAAN brand TAAN answer: inertia and intuition.

Inertia is very easy to understand (I have bought this brand), but what is the "intuition" to facilitate the purchase? Intuition is the simple brand jumped into the eye, also is the ability to allow consumers to quickly Lenovo brand in the spirit, and this is the memory structure is reached, such as the TAAN LOGO brand logo of the bright yellow image pattern, or TAAN advertisement: "every ball from the forefront of technology; have strong core super TAAN front, achievement".

Think of ways to enhance the number and length of brand related recall structures, is the key to the brand's spiritual availability, to buy, whether it is fast or slow? "Fast thinking", as the name implies, net feather enthusiasts in decision-making are not aware of how to make a decision, even without too much spirit of giving, not to think about the decision to hold the racket in the low-end golfers, they hope to sell more the owner of a very high price explosion models recommended, and TAAN brand as TAAN world network feather accessories leader, ten models extending from the dozens of colors to use, to meet the needs of the top.

"Slow thinking" has the same meaning, refers to the US on a product, thinking for a long time, difficult decision, just as you do in an algebraic equation, this kind of thinking mode although slow, but for those who need a lot of energy to solve the complex and challenging problems, is extremely valuable. This is also the reason why now experiential marketing has. The consumer is king of the era, TAAN TAAN brand is through various points of contact makes consumer experience brands the opportunity to gain satisfaction, increase continuous continuous purchase, this is TAAN are doing and will do in the future.

In May 2015, the thirty-third session of Chinese SportShow, TAAN brand articles TW985 camouflage sweat bands, TW105 shock overgrip, TW988 cartoon overgrip, TB96 high marble sense feather line, GM808 intelligent control steam ball machine, the C50/C51 energy band, BAG1003 sports bag, BAG1105 bag and other new products debut arm movement.

In April 2016, the thirty-fourth session of Chinese SportShow, TAAN brand carrying BS100 master professional omnipotent war feather line, TB96 ball, T8 front high elastic and comfortable front, H1 branded pit keel with Xihan, H2 double hole double color branded overgrip, H3 branded hole double color sweatband, X5 fiber towel sweat bands, H8 branded lines overgrip and all kinds of new sports socks, sports equipment, small accessories network feather and other new products. To attract dealers at home and abroad to come to consult the The stream never stops flowing. and order, the exhibition hall once entered the popular full state, during the exhibition a total of nearly 5000 people visited the tieon booth, a tieon brand over the years to participate in fair of the most.

Although the majority of consumers purchase decision is "fast start thinking" mode, that is to say, our brains in the purchase decision for the default automatic and unconscious behavior, but the purchase decision is the brand in our mind by the number to the memory structure depth of influence, including brand advertising, of course there are some other elements. In other words, in the behavior of consumption, human evolution in its default as a simple and rapid decision-making model.

If no net feather enthusiasts to receive advertising information of the brand, will not be able to complete the construction of memory structure, while the TAAN brand has been founded in TAAN since Wang Yu has always maintained a professional field of media playback continuity and high frequency, although weak memory over time, but advertising continues to play in professional journals or on the Internet, there will be help to enhance memory structure and consumer related TAAN brand.

TAAN brand 20 second encounter, its brand is essential for consumers, this is to protect the interests of consumers, but for the majority of network feather fans, buy is a habit to a great extent, the process of unconscious, they want to end as soon as possible, because there are more important things to think of social information and social affairs too much. TAAN brand is to seize the consumer purchase decision for 20 seconds to high value technology, unique creativity and stable quality, from the frequency and depth of the hearts of consumers in the hearts of the brand to enhance the exclusive memory, so that they

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