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[my] the network hot 2016 is the great badminton, Zong Li.

日期: 2017-01-05
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[my] the network hot 2016 is the great badminton, Zong Li.

Don't know three people will not know the Titans battle, do not understand the badminton people do not know Lin Li. In 2013 I began to learn badminton, know the ball has 16 feathers, what brand is good time. Gradually, watching the game.

[my] the network hot 2016 is the great badminton, Zong Li.

In the eyes of the Chinese Super Dan is the same as the existence of God, he his domineering exposed, casual and elegant bearing, he is a double ring Grand Slam winner, whenever I see his game, the opponent is weak. It wasn't until I saw the 2013 World Championships, the first badminton game I've ever seen, that I found a seemingly ordinary, plain looking male athlete. He was dressed in a white shirt, a black shoulder, red black and white transition as appropriate. He smash fast, net position of high quality, the pace of moving fast, equal to the Lin Dan, let Lin Dan in a nice hobble. But in the end because of leg cramps persisted after the tears out of the race, second place. Later, I learned that the male athlete is Li Zongwei, the greatest player in my heart.

[my] the network hot 2016 is the great badminton, Zong Li.

The 04 Athens Olympic Games, Li Zongwei was in the 16 into the 8 unfortunate defeat, although failed to achieve glory, but has a space for one person in badminton. 05 years in Malaysia, with impressive results become the Malaysian badminton sport has become a new star rising in Malaysia. For 06 years, won the world first throne. The 08 Beijing Olympic Games finals, a few happy tears, everyone saw that won the Olympic champion Lin Dan, but won the runner up No one shows any interest in Li Zongwei; shot to super Dan, big close-up, but not that hard training, heartache desperate Li Zongwei; all remember Lin Dan after the victory exciting leap, who can think of Li Zongwei lost expression? Why don't you let people sad?

Some people say that although he is ranked first in the world, it is sad that even a world champion has not won, not great. But his growth is obvious to people, at the 08 Olympics he lost to Lin Dan in the * * * * is divided into two. But then he tried to practice the ball, six nights to eight. 09 years in the British final, he was defeated by Lin Dan, the runner up, but the gap narrowed. 11 years at the world championships unforgettable, Li Zongwei leaps to kill the ball, block, flying save, exhibit a high level of. People get good luck, by just two points, lost the game. In 13 years the world championship's outstanding performance is more unforgettable. Li Zongwei had seven in six times won the Super Cup champion, but in the more important the Olympic and world champion out and. Li Zongwei never won the world championship, but the win was respected.

 [my] the network hot 2016 is the great badminton, Zong Li.

14 years of his disaster. Copenhagen World Championships, his opponent is not Lin Dan, but very powerful China young players Chen long. Good luck, no Lin Dan, but he lost to Chen long. After the treatment of injuries because of ingestion of illegal drugs, was suspended for eight months, it was also the only piece of silver even taken away, almost retired, this is really life? On the same day that the lifting of the ban, his ranking has dropped to one hundred and eighty from the first in the world, just five months before he returned to the three, with a heart that never give up out of suspension, this is not his strength performance? This year's Thomas cup China team early exit, the Malaysia team is expected to win, but because the country no more talents for the Danish team leading by 20 to 32 Danish team completely overturned again runner up. Oh, God is not afraid of the same team, afraid......

[my] the network hot 2016 is the great badminton, Zong Li.

Some people say that Li Zongwei he is a person in the battle, his opponent is not Lin Dan but the whole team is Chinese, ah, in the Chinese vast territory and abundant resources we have huge training system, we do not lack of master, we do not lack of practice. But in Malaysia, there is no strong training system, even with Li Zongwei, sparring and less and less, and he is the biggest opponent China team, he did this really is not easy! Lin Dan, compared to Lin Dan, can choose to participate in the game, after 08 years of the Olympic games he gave himself a long holiday, and Li Zongwei has never stopped the pace of the race, called the king of the open.


[my] the network hot 2016 is the great badminton, Zong Li.

If Li Zongwei is in Chinese or the pathos of him? It may also achieve success and win recognition early, perhaps being buried personnel. The opponent is the achievement of his hand, if there is no Li Zongwei will have Lin Dan? Lin Dan once said that whenever he tried to be lazy, he would have thought that there was a Li Zongwei in Malaysia. Li Zongwei used to participate in the three Olympic Games, the two final defeat to Lin Dan, Lin Dan was already achieve success and win recognition, dubbed the second millennium, without defending the king, I did not expect a prophecy, repeatedly lost to Lin Dan in the contest to become the curse. 16 years thirty-seventh Lin Li wars at the Rio Olympics semi final, when the final score was in the counter ultra score, increase a penny, who doesn't let, history will repeat itself? A brave man, he has ten years of grinding sword, and diligently strive after not forget the early heart finally break the contest lost the spell of Lin Dan. Lin Dan was defeated, but he also yidaitianjiao. Both Sheng Yu, He Shengliang, Lin Dan's growth cannot leave Li Zongwei to pressure Li Zongwei's success cannot leave the heart to win Lin Dan's heart, they love to kill each other, achievement. When Lin Dan was asked when he was going to retire, he replied, "when Li Zongwei is playing, he still plays.".

[my] the network hot 2016 is the great badminton, Zong Li.

Each era has a different representative, seven eighty's Lin Shuijing, Zhao Jianhua, Yang Yang, Frost; after 2000, Taufik, Peter Ged, Li Zongwei, Lin Dan. When the feather altar did not Lin Li, will be so brilliant? Only jealous days of excellence, Li Zongwei lost in the final Chen Long, but also runner-up. Alas, is that fate? Heaven why so unfair? Sigh years, fame is not established. Make things in people, seek work in the days, make every effort, without leaving regret. Compared to star artists, I appreciate the athletes, more appreciation of their quality. They win glory for the country, wins not arrogance is not hungry, in order to national ideals to struggle. When there is like the idol, from them to learn the excellent quality, is enough.

Competitive sports is cruel, although Lee did not win, but please cheer for him, please like all the sports athletes like him applause.

Years later, perhaps I no longer love badminton, maybe I am more crazy. But I will not forget that accompany me through the Sentimental Love that he, let my beloved Li Zongwei.

The end


[my] the network hot 2016 is the great badminton, Zong Li.

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