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Why did Li Zongwei win the title of best male athlete? Because of this

日期: 2017-01-05
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The 2016 BWF annual awards ceremony held in Dubai, concern in the best male athlete award, Malaysia's Li Zongwei beat Zhang Nan, Fu Haifeng, Chen Long / Jorgensen and Wu Yusheng / Chen Yuqiang, fifth times won the best male athlete of the year in the title, and did not get the championship than Li Zongwei, why can the Olympic champion Chen long and Zhang Nan / Fu Haifeng in this category are more competitive?

Why did Li Zongwei win the title of best male athlete? Because of this

The best candidate for a year, a male athletes did not stop arguing, after all, in the women's, Japan Women's doubles combination of Matsutomo Misaki / Takahashi Lihua advantages, awards is reasonable, and the men's, Chen long and Zhang Nan / Fu Haifeng is this year the Rio Olympic Games men's singles and doubles champion Li Zongwei. In addition to win the Olympic male single runner up, the harvest of three Station Super Cup title, Jorgensen led the Danish team won the Thomas Cup title in May, and Wu Yusheng / Chen Yuqiang for Malaysia to achieve some breakthrough in the men's doubles.

Why did Li Zongwei win the title of best male athlete? Because of this

However, the debate about the best, mainly around between Li Zongwei, Chen long and Zhang Nan / Fu Haifeng. From the performance point of view, Zhang Nan Fu Haifeng should be the best, but they won the Olympic champion, also won the Singapore Super Bowl champion, and the same for the Olympic champion Chen long, this year there is no a Super Champion recorded. Although Li Zongwei in the Olympic games against Chen long in the finals, but in the annual performance is more stable, scored a total of three stations in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Japanese super cup champion.

Why did Li Zongwei win the title of best male athlete? Because of this

Finally, when Li Zongwei in the morning won the trophy of the best male athletes, some people feel deserved - after all, from the ban last year after the return to the stadium, Li Zongwei in 2016 can be described as badminton "model workers" in general, Year-old age rushing around the world competition, has also maintained a high level of competition, only last month because of injury, temporarily abandoned the China Open and the Hong Kong Open competition, the attitude of professional dedication and professionalism , Li Zongwei absolute one of the best.

But some people feel that the name is not true - first, despite your personal performance is good, but as the leader of the Malaysian team, but can not be among the final to the soup cup which; Second, the Rio Olympics, Lost to Chen Long, still did not stand on the highest podium. No world champion title blessing, many people think that Lee Chong Wei to get the best weight is not enough.

Why did Li Zongwei win the title of best male athlete? Because of this

If compared with Chen Long, Li Zongwei is lost in the Olympic Games, but he won in the day-to-day. Whether it is the results of the daily open, or the attitude of the day to treat the Open, after all, more than some of Chen Long. When the Rio Olympics and Chen Long Chen Lin are in the rest, the three pillars, only Lee Chong Wei in the series of expeditions. This professional and professional attitude, has always been respected by the World Badminton Federation.
But if and Zhang Nan / Fu Haifeng to compare, Li Zongwei's "best" is not a full color. First in the results than the other less, followed by Fu Haifeng personally, London and Rio two Olympic Games, and different partners have won the men's doubles champion, which itself has created a history of the Olympic Games. However, Zhang Nan / Fu Haifeng in Rio after the split on the Olympic Games, Fu Haifeng also faced with the choice of decommissioning, their combination of influence, naturally can not and had won the best male athlete award Cai Yun / Fu Haifeng .

Why did Li Zongwei win the title of best male athlete? Because of this

As mentioned earlier, Li Zongwei mainly win in the attitude, the presence of the game in the face of professional dedication, the presence of the media under the courtesy, his personal work out of the professional spirit of the "best" name , Just do not know, in his limited career which, whether it will eventually get a title of world champion.

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Why did Li Zongwei win the title of best male athlete? Because of this

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