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Time-tested amateur combat doubles skills, routines, all this is routines ah

日期: 2016-11-09
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Is affirmed that the sentence is always unable to retain deep affection, but why routines were popular. Badminton to play more, you are not there is a technology, power can not keep up, to help with the routine? Do not tell me, when you do not routines in doubles Oh? Today, we look at the small T with the amateur doubles combat practice routine.

Time-tested amateur combat doubles skills, routines, all this is routines ah

Amateur combat doubles skills

Doubles serve, should not be back, should be standing T-line rear 10-20CM Department; center of gravity to reduce squat, shoot, forcing the other side did not dare to return the ball.

Doubles serve: the main ball, golf, supplemented

Serve the ball-based, let the ball over the net after the walk down, do not give each other the opportunity to create an attack.

Receiving the ball, push the bottom line, nudging the two waist

A lot of golfers are to pick the ball to the backcourt, and then wait for the other attack. It's like, his pants off, waiting to be playing board. If the opposite ball from the network is high, do not pick it! Must use the flutter ball or flat push! Otherwise it is a pity!

Time-tested amateur combat doubles skills, routines, all this is routines ah

If you know the opponent is better at pushing the bottom line ball, then the backcourt partner should stand back a bit, back to the ball as flat or inclined pumping, so that the opponent is also uncomfortable.

Comparison of bluffing fake: If you can grab the net, but also worried about flapping the ball under the net, on the ferocious rush in the past, teeth biting stare "put a paste net ball", so that "fake flutter really put" The next ball, the ball is generally not the Friends of the.

Of course, if the opponent level is high, or honestly flutter it, remember: to flapping diagonal, do not flutter a straight line.

Time-tested amateur combat doubles skills, routines, all this is routines ah

Doubles, when the Internet?

Playing their own offensive golf, their Internet.

Opponents from defensive golf, do not catch the ball grab the network.

After the field partner hanging light net, fast follow-up Internet.

Put the ball after the release, to quickly rush the net.

Flat pumping follow-up Internet access, if your level is high, edge pumping edge follow-up Internet.

After the Internet, the next step is to prepare both sides of the defense

After the Internet stare, the next action awareness, must be horizontal preparation;

Because the opponent will certainly avoid the position of your straight shot;

In addition to over the top ball and play golf, the basic low-arc from the front of the two hit you.

Need to do before the net partner, that is, both sides of the ability to move horizontal stroke.

Seal on both sides to resolutely, top in the end!

Appropriate to put a few net ball, kill the ball, the effect is better. This opens the other position, pull assault kill, the other bad pick.

In the front position, who put the net before the ball, who the Internet.

After the field position hanging net, before the field partner to the Internet before the network.

Three reasons to persuade you to lob each other to the middle of hanging (doubles)

One reason: the middle hanging, the opponents have to go back to pick the midfield, had to return to parallel defensive stations.

Reason two: hanging in the middle, the opponent in the middle of the ball, there is a great possibility of each other to grab the ball.

Three reasons: hanging in the middle, the opponent in the midfield pick the ball, one's own catch will be relatively comfortable.

Take the ball, oblique pumping back, or oblique hook, ramp back to the ball, as long as the slash back to the ball road, the threat is relatively large. Try not to return to a straight line, back to the line can kill each other in their original location. .

After the field partner to kill the ball, and some partner rushed up front, let opponents see you want to network, forcing opponents and then high, so the backcourt partner once again under pressure attack opportunity.

Backcourt partner lob, frontcourt partner also rushed up, let opponents see you want to close the net, of course, pay attention to the opponent's hook on the angle, as long as the conscious attention, and generally can get back to him!

After the passive ball, net-based, supplemented by the backcourt

After the bottom line passive ball, especially the backhand, too difficult. Most of the amateur batting technology and the level of force is limited, it is difficult to withdraw the ball back to the other field and is in place. Often spend a lot of effort, but gave the other side is not far from the ball is a good opportunity to kill the ball!

A very interesting phenomenon: amateur golfers pumping the ball, there is the same line of non-stop smoking addiction symptoms, this time, the basic who changes the line who score.

Kill the ball's impact point, too particular about! In general, the two kill the middle or the other holding the clap of the shoulder, only the most uncomfortable. .

Doubles, if the other side there is a weak field, put the weaker that forced into the backcourt, and then slaughtered ⋯ wrong can not.

Want to use good fake action, you must understand the wrist and fingers of the force, must know how to keep the action consistent before the meaning of the ball must be in place in advance to control the hitting point ⋯.

Doubles, close to the net, the grip can rely on the point; was transferred to the backcourt, grip can be down a little.

Some basic doubles basic principles:

After picking the ball, to immediately become about defensive stations.

Lob or kill the ball, the organization before and after the offensive station;

Pay more attention to the location of partner, to fill the bit awareness;

Consider the partner's next shot, there must be awareness of the ball;

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