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The most popular badminton tactics used by amateurs

日期: 2016-11-09
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Whether it is a friendship match in the club, or to the official game, you want to win, technology is only one hand, and tactics will play an important role at the moment. The right to play the right remedy, the same, badminton is the same, caught each other's pain points, weaknesses to play, so the face of their weak players, you can easily get to face strong than their own players, may have unexpected results . Rapid and rational analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of opponents, and according to the situation on the field to develop appropriate tactics. Through the analysis of the situation on the field can use the following tactics to suppress the other active control of the situation on the field situation.

The most popular badminton tactics used by amateurs

Changes war

The most popular badminton tactics used by amateurs

Badminton courts, the most important is based on changes in the field to play. What is the change? Change is to play the ball back, do not follow common sense out of the card, so that the other side to follow their own rhythm to play. Using the impact point of change, repeat the ball, the action of the pseudo-action consistency, to disrupt each other's rhythm, disrupting each other's center of gravity, in order to seize the opportunity to assault. In order to play more changes in the ball, in addition to the head inside the Emmanuel one, the more is the need to watch the game more often, observe the return line; play more games, accumulate experience; think about the possible return of each location , In the brain to simulate the ball back to the scene. After these accumulation, you can play a variety of changes in the ball to limit opponents.

Grab the war

The most popular badminton tactics used by amateurs

Service, momentum and speed on the rolling opponents. In every minute, to level the ball, slashing, chisel or chop the ball and other techniques to fight back the other side of the difficulties, forcing the other to hit the ball can not reach the bottom line of their field, the formation of their favorable attack situation, so that To increase their vigorously smash and culling the power of the net, to the other to a fatal blow. Snapping to be fast, to suddenly, if the other side of the slow response, mobile slow, sights is a good choice.

Four corners

The most popular badminton tactics used by amateurs

Playing four ball, can be a good mobilization of each other, when the mobilization of each other running catch the ball, so it is easy to appear empty when, and this is the time when we attack the target. But the technology requirements for the player is relatively high, the four corners hit the ball in place is critical。

Physical warfare

The most popular badminton tactics used by amateurs

Control the ball's impact point, a large open play, to maximize the use of the entire site, the ball hit the four corners of the venue or the farthest away from the opponent, so opponents in every return to the ball as much as possible the consumption of physical strength . In the fight for a ball of the gains and losses, it should be mobilized to shoot more opponents, so opponents and more running. In short opponents in the net, to push the other side of the bottom line, the other in the backcourt, hacking on the net before the opponent struggling to run around, each one more shot, is a war of attrition. This is to deal with poor physical, running slow ball is very suitable, amateur golfers, there are a lot of people have physical problems, so this trick up, you know! . .

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