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This article allows junior amateur golfers less 3 months detours

日期: 2016-11-09
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(1) step by step, more brains

Anxious is the common characteristics of many golfers, such as the ball often asked the ball how to play lofty ball? Please coach how? This involves the importance of the decomposition action. I remember when I learned to play ball, the coach will let us run the playground warm-up, then teach the cross-step (on the kind of biped one after another after the cross-action, for the time being cross-step) The players to stand in a row, without the ball rack shot, the coach went to correct one by one, to help us put the action put right), swing action (everyone with the swing, the coach can not do that, do not go, Holding his hand in hand to teach him how to swing, play a few of his natural to understand), the ball, and finally there is the ball serve. The process is inevitable boring, the question is whether you can stick to it.

This article allows junior amateur golfers less 3 months detours

Sometimes it is not a bad thing to ask for something higher. We certainly have more or less hit the box to play the score of the experience, we have this female golfers, after scoring complacent, we are of course praise the praise of friends, if it happened to me, I can only admit that this is a ball of luck , After the analysis of the reasons, is the footwork? Hitting point? A sense of relaxation? Poor connection on a beat? Tactical phase grams? light? Or a series of chain reaction caused? I personally do not like the rest when sitting directly play mobile phone. Are generally side of the stretch or squat squatting while trying to figure out.

(2) the use of media learning

Many people have to watch video badminton experience, I am no exception. At that time, you are drawing on the older generation of recommendations, benefit from their own try to sum up. First look at "Li Ling Wei badminton teaching video", through the video, you will learn most of the correct badminton technical action and the corresponding professional terminology. Then look at the "expert pulse", short and pithy, interactive teaching, funny image, it is like a mirror, the amateur golfers one by one show, and by Xiao Jie rigorous textbook teaching and Zhao Jianhua some casual experience Talk about improving your technical details step by step. Finally, see "Li Zaifu teaching series", one of the technical action can be used as reference (but after all, different technical schools, not necessarily original copy), more importantly, correct some attitude and the use of learning tactics. There are other teaching videos, such as Rasmussen, Pitt Gade, etc., Bocaizhongfang for good policy. I will occasionally do some notes, such as forehand lob, I will collect a lot of video on the technical action, and I personally think that the core details of the record, easy access in the future.

This article allows junior amateur golfers less 3 months detours

In addition, I also recommend watching video players can slow down the frame to watch, observe the athletes hands and feet of the details. In the video selection, you can pick a number of clear viewing angle good exhibition (such as the Yonex king of the blog), which a lot of fancy action, look at some understanding of the body, perhaps the coordination of their actions and force have unexpected help. In addition, the picture is also a good choice. An English classmate to share, to distinguish between "apartment" and "house" is the most intuitive Google pictures. So badminton is also, such as search for badminton to kill the ball to observe the details of the decomposition of the ball at all stages of the decomposition (such as take-off before the rack and feet movements, forearm rotation and boxing grip, etc.) and then reflect on their own deficiencies to be corrected.


(3) technology without shortcuts, action to be complete

Seen quite a lot of practice for some time but the basis is not particularly solid ball Friends like to imitate professional athletes wrist fingers on the little trick, including fake action pause, which is understandable, but in the end often become action force is not complete, A basket. Professional athletes powerful and well-trained, so a lot of action is very simple and concise (such as lindane lofty, seemingly no elbow back shot, but the arm wave, but slow down to see each action has, but powerful Explosive and proficient so that he can do more capability). To the hands of small action, first of all have a good consistency, and good consistency and requires you to break down the action must have in place. Do not look at lindane can easily rely on the wrist fingers pick the ball, they like not to be imitated, a bite into a fat is bound to be unrealistic, think a lot of professional women's singles are also a certain extent lead shoot it, so beginner amateur ball Friends or the first action to do in place to do a complete first goal.

This article allows junior amateur golfers less 3 months detours

Just think of their own why the head before the Malay step drift will kill foot Wei, because compared to the initiative to accelerate the pace of Malay and increased, leading to the left foot before the landing did not timely due in place.


(4) to do more to kill the ball and the net ball-free singles singles

Why stress the ball and no net smash? A lot of amateur golfers will learn to kill a ball up, personally think that lofty lugs to lay, kill the ball naturally can get some benefit. Imagine you can not kill the ball alone by pulling on the easily beat your opponent than the low level of it? If the answer is no, I think the technology is not enough to grasp the full, stable. Imagine you can stop the audience to kill it? The other party will give you this opportunity? Therefore, pure pull is a good way to cultivate and consolidate the feel, if you are still in the fight box or hit the field in the stage, you are also anxious to kill what ball? Smash the ball is also the case, the two net each rub each other, the rub high, the next to rub low, a reference to adjust their face and strength, the results you see a high school to fight the dead ball, just train them The feel and have to re-come, you pick up the practice of the points, but may lose a lot of points in the game later, it is worth the candle.

(5) to shoot video error correction

Have the opportunity to make a video study, after all, bystanders clear, perhaps you will find yourself racking is not enough to open, sideways range is not enough, at the foot of the problem.


Amateur golfers rarely have the opportunity to professional training in the arena, so here is a share of a person's practice at home

(1) Dianqiu

In addition to the ordinary Dianqiu, and occasionally you can also try squatting ball, fancy ball and ball barrel ball, which have tried, interesting, is a person's choice of exercise ball.

(2) forward and backhand ball

You can take a chair or baskets as a practice tool, serve practice accuracy, conditional can buy a mini-network.


(3) push the ball, net ball practice

Tried to give my friends to feed the ball, the result is really appalling, suddenly Huoyi near, suddenly high and low, I have not returned his ball again, well had to practice at home. Method is very simple to throw up with your hand, you can also pick the ball after picking batting practice. After a period of time to get started with the sex can be practiced (with the racket is a random positive and negative hand pick the ball, the ball provoked random according to the situation at that time to push, pumping, flutter, pick and other actions, both relaxation, but also test the inspiration Resilience.).

(4) physical exercise

Here mainly for lower limb exercises, such as leapfrog, running stairs, rope skipping, in situ small broken step, cross-step, forward and reverse hand to kill footwork. Note that these training is mainly done in order to enhance the explosive force of the lower limbs, the coordination of the body and footwork proficiency, so need to be carried out at a certain rate, and then step by step.


(1) movement are inseparable from the rhythm.

According to my observation, the sense of rhythm is not strong enough athletic ability of people generally not high, such as basketball three-step layup more step or step, playing football when the total control of the bad, some people swim when the feeding But still in situ water, as well as riding a bike, I remember when I was a child to the car from the oncoming to a shake to get down (a child naughty do not sensible do not spray you), because her hands and feet are inconsistent, grip too tight . Therefore, many of the rhythmic sports are figured out, if your badminton technology has not been delayed, singles always let others speed assault Gaode footsteps messy breathing disorder, which Bacheng is out of your rhythm control Problem, to try basketball, swimming and cycling it, chances are that this mountain of stone can attack jade.

(2) use the senses

This will be more mysterious, because we are generally only watch the game with eyes, very little attention to the sound, so LZ would like to be able to enjoy the game only through the ears it? The answer is yes. Choose a smaller audience, put on your headphones, listen to the pops and hisses of your shoes, and close your eyes. You can emulate the sounds of both parties now. Screen? Are they killing or lobbing? Is the picking ball or rubbing the ball? If you can not, then allow you to open your eyes to look at this round, and then close your eyes with the ears to listen to simulate the next scene, and then not go back to re-read it again, listen again, slowly develop their own sense of rhythm. As well as friction at the foot of the sound, you just judge the intensity of the game with the sound of it? This rhythm you can hold it? If not, then you may wish to listen more, let yourself slowly adapt to this rhythm, perhaps subtle, the next time you play the rhythm will follow up Oh.

(3) play before the "warm-up"

Here the "warm-up" is not referring to the warm-up of the body, but through the sensory stimulation, give yourself a play in advance before the excited state of the information. For example, playing the day, I will see the World Championships in 2011 Lin Li World War II or a video cover of the war, listen to the music inside (Jennifer Lopez on the floor or Roy Orbison you got it), that is, I warm up before playing Of music, as long as the sound of a ring at night to play like the four kings possessed silky smooth.


Ball products

(1) was forgiving and forgive, the stadium drag is not really drag

Once and an unfamiliar golfers singles, in order to exercise their own so the audience did not kill the ball, the other times a mistake back to the front of the golf, I grab the high point after the light hanging solution. He asked me why I do not kill the ball, I said yesterday just killed more than a shoulder discomfort. Have to forgive me and forgive, in front of golf, the other will die, I generally point to kill, light hanging or put the main network, but also save energy and why not? Moreover, I just introduced a friend came, but not to bow to see the rise of private, not a game, if the take-off again to kill too aggressive to recover the body is too aggressive, and why the brave this moment of bravery? See before we say that many of the so-called master on the pitch more drag, in fact, LZ want to say, are amateur play, do not rely on this life, why bother? The real people who live in the field how to swing swagger to show off their own? Nothing more than a paper tiger fills.

(2) on weekdays to play amateur to care about

Have seen some often out of bounds, short ball for the red face of the people, which often also exposed the character of a character, in fact, back to think about, nothing more than a small, a sub-district, generous point, give each other how . There are times encountered a sideline ball, seemingly pressure line and seemingly out of bounds, because there is no referee, he was also not clear, without hesitation to pick up back to the other side, back to the sentence: "like a good line pressure ah" , The other smiled, this is not very happy to play it? Why do you have to blush and neck rough and finally even strangers?

(3) always keep humble and studious attitude

There is also a doubles, the other served directly blocked me, the results of the aunt next to the mouth began to restless: "Oh, too low, serve to others ah." Is that true? The other side of the intention is to send a flat-headed shot of the ball, how little angle just a little bit to my forehand area, and if he sent to my left shoulder position, I may not handle slightly. But next to the female players have heard the head and said, you say damn not die? End of the discussion, said the next time she said, like the aunt of the serve to be a little higher. Higher hair you try? The other prepared to kill deeper. So, ah, always modest and low-key, more learning, more observation, more communication, do not use that you only know that to judge everything, but also mislead us novice girlfriend.

(4) high above the crowd, and people of any level to play

Many high-level golfers are not willing to play and beginners, for many reasons, such as "Why spend money to buy with?", "Why should I play with him, and more boring." Understanding, but also personally experience, but also dare not easily agree. A lot of uninitiated, and never look at the beginning of the so-called expert master, I would like to ask you, people are not sticky you hit each other slightly, people will not bother, Moreover, one or two will play a piece of meat out of it? Who is not from the beginner? In case you successfully enlighten him, do not you have a sense of accomplishment? Jokingly said, if the opposite day into your unit leadership you dare to say "I do not regret it ?." In fact, there is nothing wrong with beginners singles, because it is not the outcome of the problem, the other as a beginner, the ball back to the quality of erratic practice is not exactly the opportunity to consolidate your practice it? Do not feel and novice play is you lose, do not you can not change a mentality to actively treat? Perhaps you will have an unexpected harvest Oh.

(5) badminton also stressed that cultivation

As a good unit of the company recruit people are often particularly consider the personality of the new personality, after all, things can slowly learn business. Badminton is also true, look at the history of the world badminton, and there is no lack of technical superiority of the people, but can be crowned by the title of the rare master. What is a master? In addition to extraordinary technology and outstanding achievements, he also needs a master-like character and mind, such as Tang Xianhu and Zhao Jianhua badminton master. Then as an amateur badminton enthusiasts we play, after all, is not their own work, and technology to a certain stage of the inevitable stagnation can not break through the bottleneck, then this time should pursue what? Yes, I think it is the cultivation of badminton. Ball no matter how good, the ball is not good, at best, is the old slick old club, who excellent ball game, said you amateur badminton master I would like to not be overstated. Let us open the mind, enjoy the badminton bring us the fun of it! Step by step, more brains

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