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How to deal with the tall court

日期: 2016-11-09
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Players have had the experience of playing with the tall bar! Tall and sometimes the momentum in the field on a stand to let you have the oppressive, and your hard to kill the ball to the opponent is not in the slightest threat, you run the speed of the enemy is also difficult to step two-legged, fighting can be described as Quite Biequ hard, but the tall is not impeccable, as long as you find the right way to deal with the tall players is also very effective, the following talk about dealing with the tall coup.

How to deal with the tall court

Cautious lofty ball

Serve the ball lofty ball directly to the opponent under the pressure of the opportunity, from the start will fall into a passive, so to reduce the lofty ball.

Multi-dozen small-angle ball road

First, of course, can not suppress the backcourt or repeat the ball, should play his small diagonal ball. Through the small diagonal ball road to increase the difficulty of the tall players turn the ball. Because the other big, hands long legs, stride larger, usually not afraid of a straight line, for the high players, then the ball also two or three steps from the backcourt to the front, The audience is relatively large angle of the ball easier to pick.

If the use of small diagonal ball, the opponent needs to turn around the ball turn, catch more difficult to deal with this small diagonal of the ball will feel very awkward, not smooth.

Under the pressure control network

Tall players have a higher center of gravity and a lower hand position is more likely to be a weakness. Because the body center of gravity is high, then lob, split lob, or kill the ball, point to kill the surprise ball and so need to suddenly bend down, lower body weight, will feel more difficult. Therefore, you should control the network under the pressure before, and then attack the field, so that the other between the front and back exhausted and passive turn, looking for opportunities to attack the main tactical attack.

More under pressure

The process of confrontation, a chance, it should first attack down. This method is more energy-saving, but the net before the technology and the rationality of the ball put forward higher requirements.

Seize the advantages of sending and receiving attacks

To seize the advantages of sending and receiving attack, regardless of short stature of the ball Friends of tall golfers should be to ensure the quality of the return of the ball at the same time, more use of the ball and push the ball to increase the return of serve offensive to create the next shot Offensive opportunities.

Add a level draw and chase the ball

Try to win by clever, more than playing some close ball peace pumping, do not play too many kill the ball, when you face a tall man, kill the ball is no longer your strengths. To kill the ball, either in the final blow, or do not easily shot.

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